TECHNICAL EXCELLENCE OR THE MASTERY OF PRACTICES A PROFESSIONAL AND EFFECTIVE IT TEAM Excellence represents a high degree of quality, of someone’s value, or something of its kind. This can be applied to a software development team, its agile work process and values, and the software product increments it delivers. Constant productivity, frequent deliveries with the expected functional content, serenity in apprehending change, a…
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SOFTWARE CRAFTSMANSHIP IS ABOVE ALL A MINDSET ANALYSTS, ARCHITECTS, SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS The craftsman applies himself and gets involved in his (her) work, he (she) shows passion and determination in the search for the ideal form. Work on the shape until nothing can be removed or added to it. The form has reached, through the transparency…
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This series of articles is mainly aimed at software developers, but the form remains readable for business analysts and management actors, they will understand the importance of quality code at the company level as well as their role as quality agents or influencers. Digital accelerator Software code is a fundamental element in the functioning of…
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In an enterprise software development context, initiatives to maintain, improve and measure the quality of deliverables are common and welcome, sometimes smart and judicious. Nevertheless, they may not solve anything by addressing the wrong problem, because measurement tools are misunderstood or inappropriate, or even used for a deflected purpose to build a better image, in…
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About Us

SoCraAgile is a Swiss start-up founded by Alexandre Cuva and Olivier von Dach, both seasoned and passionate software engineers and craftsmen.

The area of activity of SoCraAgile is the promotion and the education of agility and technical excellence in the business and software development contexts.

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