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Managing Domain-Driven Design

Learn how to put your business first with DDD

Course overview

Intensive, 1-day, hands-on MDDD workshop by Vaughn Vernon

Thorough and exhaustive, 1-day, hands-on Managing DDD Workshop. Short lectures and practical exercises lead you to a clear understanding of how to leverage DDD, putting it to use on your Lean and Agile project. It’s a class that is well balanced for business experts and technical stakeholders alike.

The Workshop will be given by Vaughn Vernon the author of the book Domain-Driven Design Distilled.

What to expect with DDD

Explore the business value of using DDD in an Agile way, and become well informed about when to use DDD and when not to use it. Practice the steps to using DDD on a project. Learn to participate in a DDD project as a domain expert by helping to develop a Ubiquitous Language. Understand how to find the right domain expert(s) and the need to support developers in their efforts as a close-knit team. Learn about the importance of proper software test when using DDD, and how Lean and Agile techniques can work on a DDD project.

Taking a strategic approach to developing business solutions

Here we will look at the common legacy and other project situations that can challenge your ability to succeed, and why using a strategic approach is so important. This module weaves in the business vision and why it is vital to follow the course that is most important to the business initiative. Techniques are presented as tools for recognizing where the pre-existing and supporting software is, and how to leverage it to develop your core business vision. Discussed is how to prioritize software as the core, supporting, and generic, and where to allocate developer resources based on abilities. Here you will learn a rapid modeling technique known as Event Storming, and how it leads to strategic and tactical implementations.

Managing a DDD project

Every project manager knows the urgency of staying on task and on time. Used in a Lean, iterative, and incremental way, Agile frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban can help. What techniques and tools can be used to accelerate your DDD effort? How will your developers choose their architectural mechanisms? How will they provide project Lean estimates that you can count on? How will the team time box domain modeling efforts? How frequently will domain experts need to participate in design discussions with developers, and how much time will it require at various stages in the project? How can you use a common agile project management framework to keep the project moving forward at the correct pace, but without stifling the creativity of the domain modeling effort? The answer to all of these questions and more are explained and reinforced through practical guidelines.

Common problems you will face and how to overcome them

Every software development project faces the challenges of the real demands of the business and business stakeholders that do not align with the goals of the development team. This subject addresses the need to get buy-in from the business and to heavily weight the team developing the core DDD product(s) with the proper capabilities in order to ensure their success. Here we probe various common business challenges and how to work around them.

Moving forward with DDD

We wrap up this workshop by reviewing the big picture of DDD and how you can succeed with it by ensuring that your priorities are focused on the business and how the software systems take a company-distinguishing approach rather than focusing purely on technology.

Vaughn Vernon
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