Olivier von Dach

Co-Founder, Craftsman, Coach


Software architect and developer engineer for twenty years in large companies, with a focus this last decade on JVM (Java, Spring, Kotlin, Scala) and Web (Angular) technologies.

Since the beginning of my career, I have been advocating well-crafted software development as a mid-long-term investment to combine serenity and economy. The artisanal spirit animates my daily work.

Collaborative work with domain experts, Event-storming, Specification by example, Domain-Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, SOLID principles, Design patterns, OO and Functional paradigms, Clean, Reactive, distributed architectures, the Actor model, are ingredients I like to use in order to tackle domain complexity, delight elegant code writing, and apprehend the non-functional aspects of demanding systems.

Coaching, presenting, and drawing activities allow me to satisfy my natural need to transmit knowledge and thus to contribute to the development of IT teams’ skills.


Co-Founder, Craftsman, Coach, SoCraAgile Sàrl, Switzerland
Senior Software Engineer, La Mobilière, Switzerland
Senior Software Engineer, SwissPost, Switzerland


Java-Spring-Angular software development90%
Clean Code, TDD90%
Software architecture, DDD, Hexagonal90%
Kotlin, Scala, Elixir software development70%
Technical coaching90%
Technical leadership80%