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plus de 20 d'expérience à votre service
Pierre Neis

Pierre Neis

Author of Agile Organisation, Enterprise Coach & Trainer


Fifteen years ago, he dove into the agile world after a background in Lean Thinking and Portfolio Management.

He has since been involved in over 200 agile projects and has contributed to multiple communities. A decade ago, as a member of PMI, he helped create the PMI ACP Certification, which still has room for improvement.

Five years ago, he was asked to join Mike Beedle’s project on Enterprise Scrum, but unfortunately, Mike passed away. He used his research in organizational development and behavioral analysis to write his first book, “The New Normal: AO concepts and patterns of 21st-century agile organizations” in 2020 and “Swarming X4” in 2021.

He is a certified agile master coach with multiple certifications and is currently involved in several initiatives related to the evolution of work. He does not differentiate between development and executive teams in global organizations.

In 2014, he co-created Play14 (, a global initiative focused on facilitation and serious games.

Despite being a full-time consultant, he remains involved with Disciplined Agile through PMI, Open Eyes on leadership evolution, and ICF on agile coaching. He is an alumnus of Boston Consulting Group and MIT.

He is a certified agile master coach, CEST and CBAC


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