Year2018 - 2019
ClientCentrale de Compensation de Genève
ServiceAgile Lean Coaching, Software Craftsmanship, DevOps Mindset
SkillsTransformation Coaching, Team Coaching, Technical Coaching, DevOps, SAFe 4.6, LeSS, Java, JavaScript, BDD, TDD
Agile Transformation in the Government sector

Agile Organisation Transformation

CdC is a Swiss Government agency in care of the 1st level Retirement insurance in Switzerland for the people living abroad. They have an IT department composed of around 40 Developers, Infrastructure, and DBA, Project Manager, Program Managers.

They had already some Agile/Lean practices bring by the previous Coaches in the organization. We were asked to assess the current situation and recommend some quick win tips, before improving the full organization:

  • Assess the organization
  • Improve the Scrum teams
  • Help in the delivery process flow
  • Bring DevOps mindset and practices
  • Improve the Infrastructure and Integration department with Lean

In September 2018, the management in charge accepted to transform the organization with a hybrid practice, composed of Spotify, LeSS and a Cadence planning every 3 sprints. This transformation will be conducted between 5 Squads and would include all the IT department between the developers, architects, and production.