ClientLa Mobilière (Nyon) - Switzerland
Year2017 - 2019
ServiceAgile Lean Coaching, Software Craftsmanship
SkillsSAFe 4.6, Leadership Coaching, Team Coaching, Technical Coaching, Scrum, Kanban, Craftsmanship, Java, Management 3.0
From Leadership to Technical Coaching

Full SAFe Transformation

La Mobiliere (Nyon) is the Romandie branch of Die Mobiliere a Swiss Private insurance. In 2017 they started a SAFe transformation from the book with little help from outside. After nearly a year in between the Forming and Storming phase, they asked Alexandre Cuva to join their premise and help them in the doing and being agile. The Agile Lean transformation is being first concentrated in the IT fields with a Tribe of 6 distributed squads between one in Vietnam and 2 teams distributed between Switzerland and France. The full organization is arranged around the SAFe structure call “Full SAFe”, teams are call Squads, from the history of their first Agile attempt. In the premise, they have a Solution Squads responsible for a hybrid approach between the Portfolio and the Solution SAFe layers, one train the ART Squad and then the 6 operations squads. The following was on my plans:

  • Coach the Solution, ART and customer Leaders
  • Coach the Operation Squads
  • Bring Craftsmanship and DevOps mindset
  • Help the Squads and Tribe to think on improvement compare to their current Maturity Assessment
  • Help the VSE and the RTE to learn how to resolve tension with non-aggressive tools.