Our services

We Counsel, Coach, Accompany and Deliver

We counsel

We counsel your agile adoption and delivering excellence software products.

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We accompany

We accompany your up-front software design with collaborative practices.

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We coach

We coach your organisation transformation and your team toward an excellence mindset.

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We deliver

We realise and fast-deliver bespoke well-crafted software products.

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Our expertise

Organizational Coaching

Executive Coaching
Business Coaching
Agile@Scale, SAFe, LeSS

Team Coaching

Scrum Team
XP Team
Kanban Team

Technical Coaching

XP practices
Mob programming
Coding Dojo

Software architecture

Clean architecture
Hexagonal architecture
Micro-services, Event-driven architecture

Modern Software Design

Domain-Driven Design
Specification by Example


Software assessment
Legacy software migration
Monolith to Micro-services

We Coach


Your organisation vision must respond on a fast-time market. You strugle how you are going to scale to the whole organisation? Let us help you, our coaches have experiences in organisation transformation not only in the IT sectors but also in the business sectors. We helped our customers adopt frameworks like SAFe 5.0, LeSS, Scrum of Scrum, Hybride and custom process


You decided to move to agile practices with a first team, you don’t know today if it will adopt Scrum, XP, Kanban or any hybrid practices. You wish to move your team to performing? Let us help you, our Coaches or Scrum Masters have an international experience with many kinds of team structure. From Government to Forex, from local to distributed, and from IT to business.


Or  your teams are complaining that they can’t deliver faster, you wish to migrate your monolithic to micro-services, you have implemented a DevOps server but there is not the expected improvement. Our Agile Technical Coaches will help your team seek excellence and adopts Software Craftsmanship and/or DevOps mindset, and also XP practices, TDD, OutSideIn TDD, BDD, Continuous Delivery, Clean Code, and Clean Architecture.

We Accompany


When your software product doesn’t answer at a fast-peace, the root causes are often complex. Fast-Delivery product requires Excellence at all parts of your organisation. Our experts will help you identify these causes and plan improvement of your organisation strategy, teams organisation, software architecture and practices.

We Counsel


Your organisation vision must respond on a fast-time market. Your once good architecture must move to answer your present and future needs. Let us help you to review your architecture, product and technology against your vision.


You have a new idea, but you don’t know where to start, let us help you turn your idea into something the market will applaud the next success. Through a series of workshops, we’ll help you focus on what matters most today.

We Deliver


Our Engineers are experts on delivering excellence, they master XP practices, Software Craftsmanship, and Continuous Delivery. Whether you have a new product or an old one, our engineers will work with your team to adopt excellence practices, in order to ensure your product are delivered on time and with the values expected from your business.


You need to move from a monolitic to a Micro-Services architecture, or your current solution needs a technology refresh, or your delivery pipeline is not performing as expected. Let our Engineers take care of it while your team continues to deliver value. They will improve your solution and train your employees to have a continuity on the improvements we bring.

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