Adopt Agile in your whole organization

Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity

Welcome to the VUCA world

The world is transforming and we live in a VUCA (Volatiles, Uncertainly, Complexes and Ambiguity) world.

Today enterprise must have the capacity to adapt themselves on a change of context in order to be able to follow the fast pace of the markets. In this context, the usual strategy themes are Digitalisation, Talents, Innovation, and Performance.

An organization must apply complex models to survive. Practices based on these models have to bring the means to be competitive. Agile and Lean together bring the fuel that will allow the enterprise to ignite the fire to survive in a VUCA world.

SoCraAgile coaches have more than 15 years of experiences to help an organization like yours to succeed. We are pragmatic, we do not believe there is only one solution. We can work with you to bring the complex tools, that will allow your organization to be faster than your competitors at the same time not adding more complexity if your organization.

SoCraAgile brought:

  • Agile practices to insurance diligence services, where experts are self-organized with visual boards.
  • Salesrooms where kanban board bring faster strategy decision to beat the market
  • Marketing services using Scrum to successfully deliver a trade show
  • HR service managing people instead of resources, that allowed to recruit talented

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