DevOps Culture

A mindset more than tools

Multidisciplinary teams, who work autonomously

For a DevOps team, there’s no place like production. Everything they do is about making customers’ live experience better

DevOps teams apply agile practices and include operations into the team responsibilities. Teams work in small batches, focus on improving the end-to-end delivery of customer value, and strive to eliminate waste and impediments along the way. There are no silos and no blame game because the team is mutually accountable.

DevOps teams apply an emergent mindset. They make beliefs explicit, hypothesize impact to create better results, and implement the hypotheses as experiments. They use monitoring and telemetry to observe results in real time and to gather evidence in production. When evidence diminishes hypotheses, then experiences become opportunities to fail fast or to get learning quickly validated from the experiment.

SoCraAgile experience in culture hacking brings the Agile, Craftsmanship and Management 3.0 mindsets to your DevOps teams.


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