Software Craftsmanship

A mindset for better products

Software craftsmanship is above all a mindset

Analysts, architects, software developers

The craftsman applies himself and gets involved in his (her) work, he (she) shows passion and determination in the search for the ideal form.

During the analysis, design, and implementation of a software product, he (she) carries out a cycle of iterations by integrating good practices, principles, and patterns. The ideal shape must respect design criteria applied at different levels, from specification to code, architecture, and testing. It must be understandable and easily extended by other actors. Continuous improvement, application, and altruism are the cornerstones of this artisanal spirit.

What are these practices? What are these criteria? How to write a description of the need that can be easily consumed and validated, conceptualize a clean and scalable architecture, write a clean, testable and tested code, easily maintainable, and adaptable to change?

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Work on the shape until nothing can be removed or added to it. The form has reached, through the transparency of its expression, its own existence. It is autonomous. A shape must be coherent in its three dimensions and function.

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