Technical Excellence

The mastery of practices

Technical excellence or the mastery of practices

A professional and effective IT team

Excellence represents a high degree of quality, of someone’s value, or something of its kind. This can be applied to a software development team, its agile work process and values, and the software product increments it delivers.

Constant productivity, frequent deliveries with the expected functional content, serenity in apprehending change, a lower and controlled technical debt, continuous improvement, knowledge sharing, and transparent communication, are the main quality criteria.

Technical excellence represents the software craftsmanship brought to scale and contributes to the internal and external trust. It involves all actors in an agile development team and all activities from identification and analysis of the need, to test-driven implementation, and continuous delivery of features. It is a prerequisite and sustainable investment for the development of future software products.

How to reach technical excellence? Which activities? Where to start?

Join us to exchange and learn together.


You need more Software Development Crafter to extends your team? We provide experts in Java, C#, Angular, React, TypeScript, Node, Elixir, Kotlin, Scala, and other languages, ask we may have your experts. All our crafts master TDD, BDD, CI/CD, Refactoring, Clean Code, SOLID


You have a new product and you wish to start in good conditions, ask one of our Crafts to discuss with your team and elaborate an architecture that persists in the long run, and will allow change even late in the product development. Our Crafts will stay with your team enough to have a good start. All our crafts masters DDD, Event Storming, Clean Architecture, Hexagonal Architecture.


You have a legacy product, hard to maintain?  Ask our Crafts to come and take a look and bring a new youngness. We will bring crafts practice to your teams, so you can still deliver new value and at the same time clean and improve your product.



Our Crafts deliver training on how to build technical excellence, architecture, DevOps, TDD, BDD, Clean Code, Story Mapping, Impact Mapping, Specification by Example, Event Storming


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